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The Blessing of Teen Daughters

June 9, 2011

Our parenting goal has always been to raise children who love God with all their heart, mind, and soul; however, each phase of a child’s life is unique and requires different parenting skills to achieve that goal.  Whether or not you choose to use the label of “teenager,” the ages with the word “teen” are years of enormous change, growth and development.  In our home, it has been a joyous time of great blessing and precious memories.  Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned over the past seven years, but most apply to any age:

Parenting Daughters
Find joy in who she is.
Focus on her good traits.
Pray for her weaknesses.
Make memories.
Mentally record her laugh.
Do it her way, sometimes.
Ask if she wants help.
Declare your love.
Always respond with kindness.
Spend quality time together.
Compliment her often.
Expect the best.
Drink in her smile.
Kiss her goodnight.
Gently guide her.
Share her excitement.
Try something new.
Be silly.
Hug her tightly.
Value her opinions.
Enjoy her company.
Tackle a challenge together.
Encourage her attempts.
Listen more.
Take lots of pictures.
Correct her privately.
Think outside of the box.
Speak respectfully.
Dream together.
Treasure the beauty of today.
Trust God with the future.

By:  Joy Moore, Copyright 2011

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